Mining ethereum is simply the process that describes where by ethers are obtained or earned. The main aim of mining ethereum is basically to earn ether.


GPU cards: Graphic cards are components produced mainly to improve the graphic of a computer. The success of the mining mostly depends on these graphic cards, this means the more powerful the GPU is, the greater the hasrate is. The speedy graphic cards are very important because as a result they improve overall profits, some people may prefer to use or opt for CPU processing cards, it is really all amatter of choice but the fact is that the graphic cards are much more faster than he CPU processing cards, their speed is about hundred times greater than that of the CPU processing cards. There are different types of graphic processing cards, putting many factors into consideration such as cost, your need at the time can help one make good decision about which particular graphic cards to acquire.


there are various types of GPU and they usually work with a specific type of memory so it is left for the miner to choose the particular memory program that will correlate with the graphic processing card currently in use.

  • Power supply:

it goes without saying that mining of ethereum will definitely consume a reasonable amount of electricity if not much more than expected. Mining of ethereum does not consume electricity as that of bit coin but the truth is it still actually consumes electricity like some other crypto currency.

  • Amount of memory:

Mining of ethereum requires a lot of things to put into consideration and one of them that is very important is amount of memoryafter getting memory that correlates with the graphic card in use, the memory card is also required to have a minimum amount of 4GB to contain the amount of data that will be streamed during the process of mining of ethereum.

  • Processor:

When mining ethereum, it is very crucial and it goes without saying that a strong processor should be used, a dual core processor will do just fine.

  • Base plate:

One important requirement is a base plate, the mother board should be very durable and not just durable, it should be able to contain as much graphic plates as necessary, remember the more graphic plates, the speedier mining becomes and profit is made much easier. So it is vital to make use of a mother board that is able to contain many graphic plates.


The equipment required for the mining of ethereum are just as important as ethereum itself and one requires an in depth knowledge of all these equipment and their specifications suited for mining to ensure that the miningĀ  process is made much easier and lesser difficulties are faced along the way. Faulty RIG equipment could slow down the mining process, same with incompetent equipment that do not meet the standard required for mining, it could make the mining process very difficult

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